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Sacraments and other Services price list:


  Inside the Church Outside the Church
Christening £140.00 -
Wedding £150.00 £200.00 (Catholic Church, Hall κτλ)**
Funeral £150.00 £200.00 (Cemeteries, Crematoriums etc)***
Register / Civil Wedding* £300.00 -



Small Plate of Kolyva with Bread

Big Dish of Kolyva with Big Bread

Memorial £8.00 £15.00


  Simple Five Bread
Name Feast / Reading Names for Health £3.00 £10.00


* Our Holy Church is appointed by the Competent Municipal Authorities to officiate Civil Marriages during the blessing of the Sacred Mystery of Marriage.

** We need a special licence from H.E. the Archbishop to do Weddings outside our Church, and only if the venue (Hall etc.) is far away from any Greek Church.

*** Orthodox Church doesn't support cremation, but we do the service some times only by special dispensation and a special licence from H.E. the Archbishop.