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Following the decision of our Holy Archdiocese and in light of the new government measures for the containment of the virus, our Holy Church will remain closed until further notice; funeral services can still take place, but attendance is strictly limited to immediate family.


The Services of the Holy Week and Easter will take place behind closed doors but will be available to the public via Live Streaming. Please Subscribe to the Channel of our Church on YouTube so you can be able to watch live all the Services. In this way, our Church will be “open” for you, even if the doors are closed!!!


YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc03d41wgtFFSvjMW-OFjzw


You may find the Live Streamng Services' Schedule below or download it by clicking here:


  • St John the Baptist celebrates on 7th January, 24th June and 29th August.