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It is with great spiritual joy that we announce the reopening of our Holy Church for public worship from 4 July, following the governmental instructions. Having in mind to minister the pastoral needs of our parishioners, we are going to hold two Holy Liturgies on Sunday: the 1st from 8.00am to 10.30am, and the 2nd from 10.45am to 12.15pm. Furthermore, and to comply with the rules of social distancing, we are going to hold only the 40days and the one-year memorial services at the end of the 2nd Holy Liturgy. In contrast, all the other memorial services will be held at the end of the 1st Holy Liturgy. Having also in mind to facilitate our parishioners after the long period of isolation, we are going to hold the Holy Liturgy daily for 40 days, the so-called Sarantaleitourgo for the health of the living and the rest of those fallen asleep, from 6 July to 14 August (Monday to Friday 8.00-10.00am, Saturday 9.00am-11.30am, and Sunday as mentioned above). Upon entering and staying in the Church, you are kindly requested to follow all recommended rules for the containment of Covid-19.


The Greek Orthodox Church of St John the Baptist is now open again, every day between 9.00am and 17.00pm, as well as when there is a Service, in accordance with the schedule.

  • The Holy Confession takes place on a daily basis by appointment.

  • Our Holy Church celebrates the feast of the Synaxis of St John the Forerunner and Baptist, on 7th January each year.


The Services of the Holy Week and Easter 2020 took place behind closed doors but were available to the public via Live Streaming. Please Subscribe to the Channel of our Church on YouTube so you can be able to watch them all.


YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc03d41wgtFFSvjMW-OFjzw



You may find the Services' Schedule below or download it in PDF format here: