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The Greek School is located inside the courtyard of the Church and has 12 classrooms. All leading members of the Community attach great importance to the school which performs an important role on the one hand in the learning of the Greek Language and on the other of the Orthodox identity of the younger generations..


School Board President: Andreas E. Ioannou


Head of School: Archimandrite Fr Apostolos Trifyllis
Administration: Reverend Fr Pavlos Grigoriou
Head Teacher: Person placed by the Cyprus Educational Mission

Number of Pupils: 200
Number of Teachers: 25

Days and Hours of Operation:

Tuesday 17:00pm - 19:00pm (Nursery to A Level)
Thursday 17:00pm - 19:00pm (Nursery to A Level)
Saturday 09:30am - 13:30pm (Nursery to A Level)
Saturday 14:00pm - 17:00pm (Adult Classes)

Music & Traditional Instruments Lessons from the Teacher Nicos Shacolas given during School hours.


School Fees:


1 Child: £120.00 / School Year

2 Children: £150.00 / School Year (both together)

3 Children: £160.00 / School Year (all together)

For more than 3 children in a family, the fees remain £160.00 for all together.

The fees are the same for adults classes as well.



Online Registration:


Please click HERE to register online your child / children or yourself.



The School is recognized as an Examination Centre for Modern Greek (GSCE and A Level).

Every year the school publishes the magazine «OUR TREASURE (O THISAVROS MAS)».


School's email address: school@stjohnthebaptist.eu